Re-Design the Classroom

I was really interested in our discussion about redesigning the classroom because my school is undergoing major construction this summer to become a more collaborative and 21st century learner space. When I think about my classroom as it is, it isn’t really set up to prepare my students to be 21st century literate people. Currently, the fourth and fifth grade share a cart of Netbooks, that often are unusable because of network errors. We have three computer labs, but share with 5 other grades so it makes it hard to sign up and schedule a time. Looking at some articles about new schools that are being re-designed to be an ideal environment for collaboration and 21st century skills makes me hope that my school’s makeover will somehow be similar to those. From the meetings held at school, I think that we are on the right track. We will be gaining some more open spaces for collaborative learning, along with more plug-in stations to support our growing use of digital technology. As Trung Le states in Redesigning Education: Rethinking the School Corridor, “We can start where students start–designing corridors that encourage ideas to circulate as freely as foot traffic” (n.d.).  When you enter our school, the idea is that you will first see a “front porch” area, where students can meet and discuss different things going on in their lives. I also think this is important to view the perspective of a student as they walk into your classroom. What will they see? How can they best utilize the classroom? These are all important questions to consider when redesigning your classroom.

When I redesigned my classroom, I added a collaborative space. My thinking behind this is that it could be similar to a “maker space” for my students. I also added a larger area where students can sit and read, and also better storage systems, to hopefully store my new iPads. I also would have the whole outside wall be large windows, so that students are aware of their surroundings, and can form connections between our learning together with their outside world.

Picture 1

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Le, T. (n.d.). Redesigning education: rethinking the school corridor. Retrieved from


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